Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Few Fun Updates!

I think I'm having a little bit too much fun with this food blogging hobby.  Check out this link to my recent guest blogger post to the Full Circle Farm blog: The Good Food Life.  A few simple picnic ideas for your Memorial Day weekend!

I had a blast writing it, and got some terrific suggestions from friends (MVP goes to my friend Cheryl for the Nutella & Banana Wraps- love that one!)

I'll also be a regular contributor to's Town Square 49 blog.  Here's a link to my first post, which you may remember from the blog last month.  Mmm...yummy church casserole food.

I write this from the comfort of my quiet hotel room in downtown Chicago, as thousands of police officers and Secret Service agents roam the streets of the Windy City preparing to welcome dignitaries from all over the world for the NATO summit.  My hotel is filled with men in suits, sporting crew cuts and carrying black back packs.  As soon as I arrived at my hotel, one woman asked me if I was here for the summit.  I looked down at my tennies and yoga pants, looked back at her and said, "Really?  I don't look much like a dignitary in this gettup."  She laughed, in obvious agreement (I should have also mentioned to her that I had been in airports and on planes for the LAST TWELVE HOURS.  A little slack, please?)

No, I'm not here on important diplomatic business.  Although important business nonetheless--I'm here to school up at my annual labor attorneys' conference.  And to catch a couple baseball games.  And to eat deep-dish Chicago-style pizza.  And Garrett Popcorn (the Chicago mix!)  And to invest in a new wardrobe once I eat my way through this city.  I love Chicago!

More recipes soon!

xo H

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